Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey Guyz, i will be celeb my 21st bday at changi aloha < changi seafront chalet CH

B> on friday 17, everyone are welcome, if u come

alone, u can jus bring ur frenz or stead or date to company u all are welcome, in

case i cant entertain u much sry abt tat =>, as for those who work till late night,

u can come after ur work provided u not tired haha, those for really cant come nvm

=> is ok, hmmm if on tat day dunno where u can give mi a call or sms.... hope u guyz

really can come ^^ take care CHEERS!!! lol finally 21 leh haha adult well till like

kidz haiz ..... cya guyz =>

Love ya.

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11:21 PM

Monday, August 4, 2008

update! update! update! haha well i dunno wat to write everyday so i jus once awhile upload wat happening =.= .....

anw today this afternoon, i went to sentosa at 1 pm with michael & noel play volley-ball, swim and sun-tan, wooo the sun hot like fuck, actually till got javier terry imran will be coming with us but imran got work, terry over slept & javier working, once i reach there, omg alot ppl and no place in cafe del ma haiz sad case... so we no choice we find shade put our belonging, i took few pic oso haha well some of the pic i nv post cos i not wearing pant is TRUNK!! >.< no figure and shy to post here haha... well end up after bath, omg my body and my face so hot and burn like red lobster as they said =.=.....

we went to town meet terry & alfred oso hv our dinner at food republic, while we w8ing for terry coming to town meet us, michael & noel hv to go at 10 pm cos 1 tml morning shift, another afternoon shift... after dinner we felt hungry again, we went to nydc hv some chill out, haha alot funny thing happen at nydc, i took 1 video in nydc, haha damn funny... time past vy fast, so end up we nv meet terry cos he will be coming late and the rest going off early so i alone go find terry after tat go back home...

ok ba i so tired alrdy i jus reach home do all the editing, send pic and upload pic haha.... take care ba cya next time ^^

Love ya,

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1:10 AM

Sunday, July 13, 2008

yesterday, i finish my work at 11pm, dunno where to go, so i went to meet noel, javier and other, well, we took quite alot pic haha, we went to watch 3.40am movie "hellboy 2 - the golden army" omg damn nice i rate 5*, while we w8ing, we take a video name "chn 8 & chn 5" i the director, noel and javier are the actor lol...

on fri 11/07/08, my phone had some problem tat y late upload =.= anw after my work i went to suntec with my sec buddy => had alot fun haha.... planned to go home vy late but i was so tired till i went home 1st haha, they go for watch moive, sry buddy >.<...

take care guy =>

Love ya,

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11:37 PM

Sunday, July 6, 2008

hmmm finally andrea cut her hair, look like chinese verision of rihanna haha....

anw i oso went to do my hair haha, highlight and cut =>

nthing much to say abt today hehe currently nw training my bod lo otherwise too skinny lol....

take care guy =>!!

Love ya,

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9:53 PM

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Haiz trouble making my blog skin =.= wish there someone can help mi lol....

wow my heart pain i spent alot money to buy present for my frenz >.< really alot sad.... but ok, cos i think worth it cos they are mine really gd frenz =>

anw this are the pic we last 2 week took de jus onli i late update haha, we are so crazy haha.... after tat we ton through out the nite till morning then went home lol damn tired ..

tat all i hv, till hv other pic need edit haiz, cya my frenz =>

Love ya,

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1:02 PM

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is nice to watch this, i will rate it : *****

alot of funny scene, really worth it to watch it!! hmmm the movie duration are 2 hours 30 mins, well if u nv watch other season of "sex and the city", dun worry, they wun link to other season, the onli link are same ppl acting tat all =>

hope u enjoy it => take care!!

Love ya,

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3:00 AM

Friday, May 16, 2008

hey again once a blue moon update mine blog lol...

this time the post will be lesser nthing to read lol....

well hmmm been slacking at home abt 1 month no job, alway go down lan find andy, andrea, ken and derrick => stay till vy late .... like vampire haha day time slp nite time come out and play lan haha... tat how i spend mine 1 month =.=

anw i went to interview alot job like clinique, fj benjiamin, urban male, burberry,etc.... end up work at fj bejiamin so happy lol....

most funny thing is when i call to fj benjiamin, u noe wat i ask "erm i looking for benjiamin" well is a brand but i dunno at 1st i tot is a persdon tat my frenz ask mi to look for lol, i knew it cos tat person told mi here is benjiamin ... omg i was so paiseh then i cont my interview lol...

wish everything fine in my job => take care all love u guy cya

love ya,

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1:06 AM

Monday, April 7, 2008

hmmm still jobless, wish got ppl intro mi hehe .... anw i been at home damn long lol soon going to rot...

To max: 2 more days count down to ns, haiz sadz, frenz 1 by 1 go to ns alrdy, well every guy hv to go through it =.= jus bear with it ba, keep fit inside hv fun, enjoy it lol take care cya when book out we go out eat ba =>

To wei hao: early Greet u Happy Birthday, hmm dunno wat to get for u, i guess i buy anything tat think suit u ....hope u dun mind... take care

as the rest of my frenz, hope u guy doing great ^^ cya

Love ya,

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4:03 PM

Friday, March 14, 2008

Haha finally i finish my ns ^^, jus wentto take my Pink IC => LOL, so wierd when i get my ic, i stun a few sec, maybe 2 year nv seen my ic abit not used to it, well later nite hv to go meet my frenz hving dinner, so happy....

Hmmmm start new life ^^, start to stress and job hunt.... well currently nw so free, i guess not for long haha...

jus got in police force ^^ wish u hv fun inside hmmm 2 year pass vy fast, hope u enjoy inside....

hmmm well i guess hv to prepare for going out => take care all all the best guyz !! =>

ORD LOR !!!!!! hahah

Love ya,

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6:05 PM

Monday, March 3, 2008

Finally cabal had open beta ^^ can play haha... if interested go to dl ^^ www.cabalsea.com..

START TO COUNT DOWN of mine ord date => On last sat i went to watch movie "The eye" is similar to the chinese verision of "Jian Gui", jus onli "The eye" is english verision and nicer, actually wanted to watch "The Leap Year" but full house sadz >.<.. i wish can watch "The Water Horse, The Leap Year & Meet The Spantar" with my frenz ^^

long time nv meet some of mine frenz >.< hope they got time to go out => take care

Love ya,

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3:16 PM

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